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I never envisioned myself embarking on a NICU journey, but here we are, two months in and growing stronger every day. Each moment in the NICU feels like a rollercoaster, but it’s one we ride with prayer and relentless hope. We have no choice but to go through it; there’s no skipping ahead.

For the first time in my adult life, I find myself without a plan. As someone who’s always synced up her Google Calendar and planner, this feels daunting. And I’m not just talking about our NICU stay; even my personal life, my business, everything is up in the air.

Is it frightening? Absolutely. But this uncertainty extends beyond our NICU experience. It spills into my personal life, my business, and even the small things like what I’ll cook for dinner. I’ve had to put my trust entirely in God, relinquishing the illusion of control I once had.

And you know what? It’s liberating. For once, I’m not obsessing over schedules or fretting about the future. I’m living in the moment, focused solely on my baby’s health and well-being. I’ve come to understand that planning isn’t always possible or even necessary. Some things are beyond our control, and that’s okay.

In the NICU, everyone’s journey is different. You might meet parents who are there for a day or others, like us, who spend months in this challenging but miraculous environment. The key is to embrace your unique journey. While it’s comforting to hear other people’s stories, remember that your experience will be your own because every little bundle of joy is different.

So, this is me, signing off on a Friday, encouraging you to navigate your NICU journey in your own way, and to find strength in the unexpected turns it may take.

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